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VineGlobal Successful B2B Integrated Solutions

VineGlobal provides an array of B2B integrated implementation services for new installations, configuration changes and system upgrades. Our implementation services can be tailored to your specific business needs and consists of many options:

  •  Deployment planning and preparation
  •  Communications and coordination with key stakeholders
  •  Software & Hardware procurement, installation and setup
  •  Workflow analysis and process change recommendations
  •  Trading partner setup, communications and coordination
  •  Data backup and restoration
  •  Disaster recovery planning and failover testing
  •  Mapping, map migration and data transformation services
  •  Testing, including file transfer, system integration and system communications/network testing
  •  System troubleshooting, monitoring and diagnostics
  •  Stabilization and post-deployment support
  •  On-shore/near-shore development services

Beyond the solution implementation, we provide a range of services to enhance the ongoing success of your project, including:

  • Product training for end users
  • Technical training for administrators
  • Knowledge transfer for support operations, support desk setup, documentation and ramp-up
  • Dashboard/Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics configuration, monitoring and reporting
  • Performance optimization and health checks

VineGlobal Proven B2B Integrated Solution Implementation Expertise

Whether your B2B integration solution is part of a large global enterprise operation or a small- to medium-sized one, you’ll gain distinct advantages by partnering with VineGlobal

Our B2B integration professionals offer decades of experience in EDI and B2B integration systems from a variety of industries. The knowledge and skill we bring to your implementation project will reduce the risk of problems and add value to the implementation. You’ll benefit from the knowledge and best practices gained through hundreds of successful B2B solution implementations.

We partner with industry-leading vendors that complement our delivery strengths.
In addition, our team can help you meet your tight deployment deadlines. We can scale to meet your business demands while still keeping your total cost of ownership well within expectations.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your B2B solution implementation.

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